Monday, April 20, 2009

Duckpin bowling and world music and hipsters! Oh my!

This weekend I went to a bowling alley to see some live music. What a country! Smack dab in the middle of the duckpin bowling lanes at Plaza Bowl is a stage that played host to World Fest on Saturday.

Playing when I got there was the piano/cello and drums duo of Lauren Kendall and Blake Methena. I dug their stuff, especially their cover of Tool's "Sober." But instead of straight-up appreciating their music, I was still dwelling on the novelty of the venue and reciting Jim Gaffigan's bit about bowling in my head.

Next up was the only band on the bill that I knew, Bio Ritmo Despite owning one of their older albums and having lived in Richmond (and the surrounding areas) for most of my life, I had never seen them live before and they did not disappoint. Loves me some salsa. Watching them begged the questions: Do they play weddings? And is there a woman out there who'd like to marry me?

After them Chicha Libre took the stage and played their brand of psychedelic surf cumbia. Their take on Love's "Alone Again Or" was great. I'm going to have to check out their stuff sometime.

Last up was Dengue Fever, who played an odd but winning combination of 60s surf rock and Cambodian pop. Yeah, I know, but it worked! As my brother said, any band that has a hot little Asian woman fronting it is great. In this case it wasn't just his usual Yellow Fever talking.

As for Plaza Bowl itself, it is one of the most unique concert venues that I've ever been to. Blinking lights flank each lane and there are black lights aplenty above. It must be a bit odd for bands to have their music mix with the sound of pins being knocked over. The staff seemed to be evenly divided between those that you'd expect to see working at a bowling alley and your standard issue hipster. And if the world music wouldn't bring the hipster contingent out, the PBR on tap definitely would. Luckily, because of my beard and appropriately ironic t-shirt, I was able to walk amongst them unnoticed.

All in all, it was a very fun night that exposed me to some new music. What more could you ask for?

A special note to the Hipster Goddess that works there: kudos to you and your cleavage-enhancing ensemble. Wanna marry me? I think I can get Bio Ritmo to play our reception.


Scott said...

Happy Cambodian New Year!

Derrick said...

That first group was possibly the worst opening act I've ever suffered through in my entire life.

countparkula said...

i think parker has already claimed Hipster Goddess as his own. he was the first to notice her pen held precariously between the girls. when you see something like that as a 12 year old, that kind of image stays with you for life. one day we'll trace his pen fetish back to that night.

a good time! glad we all got to hang. dengue fever chick was stunning to say the least.

Brian Sterowski said...

Meade Skelton would not approve of such an event