Sunday, February 26, 2012

"And the Oscar goes to...Bucky Larson: Born To Be A Star!"

It's time once again for the glitzy annual Hollywood circle jerk that is the Oscars. Just who will reign supreme this year? The tale of a majestic animal in a time of battle (Hugo), the pretentious and meandering arthouse film (The Descendents), the cloying 9/11 drama (Moneyball), or one of the six other flicks?

Of the Best Picture nominees, I've only seen two and a half. I really enjoyed Moneyball. I was more lukewarm on Midnight in Paris since I'm no fan of Woody Allen or when actors stand in for him (sorry, Owen). This afternoon I gave that glorified screensaver The Tree of Life a chance, but shortly after the dinosaurs appeared I checked out. Maybe in my golden years when I'm all hopped up on medicinal marijuana, I'll give it another shot.

Two films from 2011 that I thought were great, but got absolutely no Oscar love are Win Win (in my heart, the National's "Think You Can Wait" won Best Song) and Submarine. Do check them out.

Some are ragging on the Academy for bringing Billy Crystal back to host, but can you really blame them after the disaster that was last year? There's a right way to hip things up and a wrong way. Let's just call this a rebuilding year.

Oscar talk just wouldn't be the same without a little fashion. I couldn't give a hoot about all that (right now I'm watching last night's "Portlandia"), but here's who I'm wearing tonight: shirt by Jean-Jacques Shirt del Woot, pants by Armand Champion, hoodie by House of Old Navy, and slippers by Georgio Dockers.

I'll be live blogging the awards in the comment section. Swing by and tell me who you're wearing, give me your thoughts on the nominated films and performances, take the celebrities down a peg, tear apart the ceremony, or just say hi.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Requiem for the OG zombie

R.I.P. Bill Hinzman, 1936-2012.

You set the tone for 45 years of cinema and I'll be disappointed if you're not shuffling around out there as I type this.