Sunday, August 29, 2010

Song to close out the weekend: "Chief Rocka" by Lords of the Underground

I came downstairs this morning to find that my nephew had set up my old Playstation 2 and was playing NBA Street Vol. 2. (So blurry! Hi def has spoiled me.) That has arguably the best soundtrack in all of video gamedom, Rock Band and other rhythm games excluded. For the most part, hip-hop today sucks. Back then, even the commercial stuff was quite listenable and sometimes quite great. I'll take Lords of the Underground over the Auto-Tuned to death claptrap currently on the radio any day. And get off my lawn!

Also, yesterday I got a little sucked into an infomercial where Pat Boone was hawking a compilation of '50s/'60s music sung by an endless parade of Betty Drapers and Pete Campbells. Well, maybe not Pete. But it got me to thinking that it won't be long before we see Dr. Dre and Ed Lover occupying half an hour of TV real estate preying on Gen X nostalgia and shilling a series of K-Tel "Golden Age of Hip-Hop" recordings. And this thirtysomething curmudgeon will buy them.

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