Monday, January 15, 2007

From the makers of that other evil little game...

First came the original 20Q, which WOULD NOT GET OUT OF MY HEAD. Now comes along 20Q Music and it's pretty nifty, too. But not as evil.

Sure, it got the following correct:
Elvis Costello
Trent Reznor
Paul McCartney
Christina Aguilera
Jarvis Cocker
Jimmy Buffett

It did not guess these, though:
Ben Folds
Lou Reed
The Kinks
Better Than Ezra
Neil Diamond

Heh heh. You're not so smart after all, are you?


spydrz said...

It must be defective. How could it not know Neil??

Anonymous said...

the original was not able to get grandma, so i don't find it curious that this one would miss neil (diamond or crazy-horse-young).

Micah said...

I suspect anti-Neil and anti-grandma bias on the part of the game's programmers.