Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Today's question

A hypothetical scenario came up at work today: who would win in a fight between Forrest Gump and Sling Blade?

Sure, Gump is fast, but Sling Blade probably has greater Retard Strength.

Any thoughts?


spydrz said...

Ah lak me them french-fried pertaters.

Micah said...

We discovered that there's nothing more hilarious than inserting Sling Blade into other movies. Okay, nothing more hilarious until it wears thin after about an hour.

Hasselback said...

Oh please. Forrest might have that "love your fellow man" shit down pat, but that don't stack up to nothin' gainst the ol' sling-blade.


Micah said...

Yeah. And Forrest doesn't carry a mower blade.