Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The post is made out of clay.

Here's a little Hanukkah Harry to kick off your Festival of Lights. I wanted to do a taste test of Jones Soda Company's Chanukah Pack, similar to what I did with their 2005 Holiday Pack, but none of the four Targets that I went to carried it*. Maybe it'll be on sale at Jones' site in a week and I'll just buy it then**. Anyway, to all the folks kickin' it old school, Happy Chanukah!

I'm not terribly familiar with "lol cats", but this shirt is pretty funny.

*Note to self: move to a town with more synagogues and temples.
**Good thing I'm not Jewish or I'd be a walking stereotype.


Anonymous said...

You can use the code 'holidaypack20' for 20% off the Christmas or Hanukkah holiday packs on the website JonesSodaStore.com. Alternatively you can stop by Target and pick up Jones Holiday Pie Pack. It is delicious.

Micah said...

Cool! Thanks.