Thursday, July 10, 2008

Protecting my cube since 2008

I think that I've remarked that, should the situation arise, I could clear my cubicle of my personal belongings in less than 30 seconds. The only things that I've spruced up my cube with are a couple of calendars ("The Office" for the wall, "Monty Python" for the desk), a Squishee cup, a Black & Blue Classic (the annual UR/VCU basketball game) promotional mug, and a stack of magazines. The latter I will leave for the next person who occupies this space, as they've all been thoroughly read and, uh, "flagged."

And, thanks to MW commenter SBN1/THSE/Simply Reg for the awareness of its existence, I have one more item in my workspace: Captain America Mighty Muggs (or is the singular "Mighty Mugg"?). SBN1 remarked that, when the time comes for me to quit or be fired, I would create a victorious image by having Captain America sit atop my small box of personal effects. I agree.

Most people my age are acquiring mortgages and children; I've got Captain America.


Anonymous said...

Haha, love the concept of clearing off a cubicle in less than 30 seconds. Would probably take me a full afternoon. But hey, it feels like home.

SBN1 said...

At a moment's notice I can part with just about everything in my cubicle right now. Which I think is pretty cool; just stand up, grab my keys and cell phone from the drawer and walk away.

p.s. my collection of Mighty Muggs has grown to 9.

jasdye said...

the good thing about it is that you can freeze him and forty years later he'll be as good as new!

Hasselback said...

"Acquiring children and mortgages" huh? Well, I can't help with the latter, but as for the former...I know a guy. ;)

Micah said...

jephy - Well, this is just a temporary gig, which has stretched to 2 years. Once I get a more permanent position, I'll have my workspace decked out as I did for other jobs.

SBN1 - Which new ones did you get? I see from the link that I posted that they now make Indiana Jones ones. Sweet.

jasdye - And then some jerk will come along and shoot him. :( (BTW, supposedly there's a Cap-frozen-in-ice scene that was deleted from the latest Hulk movie that will be restored on DVD!)

George - I'm sure that's one of the lesser creepy things that can be acquired in your island paradise.

jasdye said...

o yeah, Cap was supposedly 'killed' right? do you think twenty different versions of him mysteriously surface?

i'm only excited about an Avengers movie b/c it sounds like Marvel's doing it right, unlike DC, which has had its own studio in place for twenty-five years and can't ever seem to do its Justice League ANY due service.

this nerdvertisement has been brought to you by the letters Comic Con.

Micah said...

He's a popular comic book character. Of course he won't stay dead. LOL I'm not really a reader of the comic, just a fan of the dude, so I'm not clued into what exactly is going on right now. Are they going the route Superman did when he "died" (i.e. replacements)?

As for the Hulk (you didn't ask, but I'm telling anyway), early on in the film Bruce Banner goes to Antarctica to kill himself, but can't because attempting to do so only makes him hulk out. While up there he unearths Cap somehow. Marvel thought that was too dark and/or removed some dramatic tension of a similar scene towards the end of the movie.

And I completely agree that Marvel is finally doing it right (oh, think if they'd done this all along and had the rights to the Spider-man, X-men, and other films...what a nerdy wet dream). It really boggles the mind why DC hasn't done the same, since it would be extremely easy as all of the properties are owned by Warner Brothers. There had long been rumblings of a Batman/Superman movie, but obviously that never materialized. I was a Marvel fanboy growing up, but I do dig some DC characters. Hopefully they'll copy Marvel's lead.

I got the new Batman animated DVD yesterday. Hope it's good.

And with that, I scare away any potential dating partners for another 5 years (at least).

jasdye said...

trust me, as long as that isn't a focal point of your life (say, going to ComicCon, etc.), then they generally don't care. as long as you got finesse, upward mobility, chiseled good looks and a porsche.

as per Warner Bros and DC getting their crap together? just saw this bit of good geek news.

Micah said...

Well, even you managed to score a hot wife...

ZING! I keed, I keed.

jasdye said...

my point exac!

as long as i keep a line separating my nerdiness from family and wife obligations, she's totally cool with me being happy.

just gotta find someone who you want to make happy and who wants you to be happy. nerdness and hotness can coexist. remember, i'm not only the president, but i'm also a client.