Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crush of the Week: Christina Hendricks

This week's Crush is actress Christina Hendricks. I've been watching the first season of "Mad Men" this week - where she plays office vamp Joan - and am really digging it (and her). I'm looking forward to the hotness she will bring to season two.

Possible Crush of the Year? Yep. That's how smitten I am with her.


SBN1 said...

Some of us have been about Christina since the short-lived series, Firefly. All you Mad Men fans are way late to the game when it comes to the talented Ms. Hendricks.

Better late than never though, right?

and yes, IHT.

Dave Bessom said...

Gotta love a redhead.

Micah said...

SBN1 - Better late than never, indeed. She's got everything. I'd been wanting to check out "Firefly" and this revelation may just be what gets me to do it.

dave - Agree. Although I've found that redheads pretty much fall into either the strikingly beautiful or "eh, not so much" categories. Rarely is there a middleground.

SBN1 said...

excellent observation, Micah! redheads are like third world countries; the middleclass is almost non-existent!