Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Requiem for the father of jazzy hip-hop

R.I.P. Guru, 1966-2010.

His work with Gang Starr was legendary. And Jazzmatazz wasn't bad, either. We knew his steez.


Anonymous said...

Gangstarr was one of my favorite hip-hop acts ever.

I guess he was right..."We all must meet our moment of truth."

Micah said...

Indeed. Apparently, there's some shady business going on with the control of his estate and his collaborator of the last several years shutting out Guru's family.
And there's that questionable "deathbed note". Hope things get sorted out.

(I had no idea that Guru and Premier had a falling out. The latter is my second favorite hip-hop producer of all time, behind Prince Paul.)

The Dubin said...

I remember Jazzmatazz! Pretty good shit.