Monday, October 31, 2011

Micah World is dead. Long live Micah, Please!

"I feel reborn. I'm like a Phoenix rising from Arizona." - Frank Costanza

Way back in late 2004 I caught the blogging bug and set up my corner of the internet. It was fun and I had a good time bringing light to the music, movies, books, and TV shows that I was enjoying. Posting weird news and links, making fun of politicians and celebrities, and occasionally giving people a glimpse of my personal life also occupied my time here. Entries were substantial. Readership could be counted on more than one hand.

Then I got lazy. Posts with actual substance got rarer. Later, I'd just throw a funny pic or YouTube video up. If you were lucky, I'd write two sentences to go with each of them. No one would comment. Checking my log, I could surmise that the only people coming here were the result of Google image searches of my weekly Crushes. (Granted, that traffic is steady, but I doubt anyone sticks around to do more than gawk at the fairer sex.)

So, I took a summer vacation. And then an autumn break.

Now I'm back! New layout, new name, a little more focus. Let the old blog be a lesson to you: never name something after a passing piece of pop culture ephemera. Sure, in 2004 I had just seen Spice World on cable and thought it'd be funny to jack the title of the Spice Girls movie for my blog. In 2011 it made no sense. (Also, the Micah World URL was taken.) Welcome to Micah, Please!

Updates won't be daily. They may not even be weekly, but I'm going to try. Sure, I may still make posts with little more than links, videos, or pictures in them, but I'm going to do my best to do some actual writing, dammit. And maybe I can then build my readership to a level that can be counted on two hands. Dare I even wish shoe removal should be required when tallying them up?

Oh, yeah. Since the season is approaching and all, I'm also reopening my Yuletide blog: A Very Micah Christmas.

So, ease into your comfy chair, start a fire, pour yourself a brandy. Cozy up with your new 78th favorite sporadically updated blog. Spice up your life!


SBMF said...

Welcome back, from one Sad Bastard to another.

Micah said...

Thanks, bud. The relaunch is going a little slower than expected. I have a few ideas kicking around, but I'm just too damned tired after work to write. I should actually set aside some time to do that.

But I have updated my Christmas blog a few times since relaunching that one.

jasdye said...

Moar, pleze!

Micah said...

The relaunch hasn't gone as smoothly as I hoped, ha ha. After the holidays I'll make myself focus. Promise. (Not a promise.)