Thursday, August 20, 2009

Micahpalooza '09: It came from outer space!

Unlike previous Micahpaloozas, where my friends and I took extravagant jaunts to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and other exotic locales, this year's Micahpalooza will be a little different. Due to the bad economy, childbirth, and the laughably small sum in my checking account, this year's event will be a staypalooza consisting of a series of smaller, less expensive trips around town.

For instance, tonight things are kicked off with a trip to the moviehouse for a live riffing of Plan 9 From Outer Space by Mystery Science Theater 3000 alums (and current Rifftrax overlords) Mike Nelson*, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett, beamed via satellite from Nashville. Oddly enough, this will be my first time watching Ed Wood's legendary so-bad-its-good classic.

At least it will be assuming that tickets are still available. I'm too cheap to shell out an extra $2 taking an ideologically-driven stand against online ticket sellers that charge exorbitant "convenience" fees, so I intend on just showing up and buying my ticket at the box office. If it turns out that I'm S.O.L., my back-up plan involves a bag of animal crackers, tonight's episode of "Royal Pains", and a good night's sleep.

*In the age-old nerdy Joel/Mike debate, I'm a proud member of Team Mike.

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