Saturday, August 22, 2009

Micahpalooza '09: Thwarted!

Today I figured that I'd go to a movie that I'd really been wanting to see for quite some time now - Funny People. Whoops! It's gone from the local multiplex already. Oh, well. I guess I'll catch that one on DVD. At two hours and twenty minutes long, the movie is way beyond the limit I set for the Byrd's extremely unforgiving seats.

So, instead I made some noodles and watched the third season of "The State".

Tonight it's just a boy and his (sister's) dog, some pistachio almond ice cream, a nice pipe, and Let the Right One In (my brother highly recommended it).


Mehrdad1 said...

I loved, "Let the Right One In." However, I heard that the US DVD's translation was pretty awful. Hopefully, it will be bearable enough, because this movie definitely deserves at least a cult fan-base via DVD. Great story. Although the book is waaaay more intense than the movie was, from what I've read on the IMDB message boards.

Micah said...

I borrowed my brother's DVD and it indeed does have the dumbed-down subtitles, but it wasn't very distracting.

Here's a comparison:

And since I doubt I'll ever read the source material, I read this very spoilery comparison piece (which fleshed out a lot of the film's ambiguities):,25503/