Thursday, January 31, 2013

I stand resolute.

"I've achieved plenty and there's no better than the best." - Dwight Schrute on New Year's resolutions

January's coming to a close and, while I hate the whole resolution thing, I guess I should lay out some areas for improvement within the coming year. But unlike previous years, I'm keeping it simple with only three attainable goals:

1. Cool it with the other screens while watching movies and TV. At home, that is. I'm not a Philistine that disrupts fellow moviegoers. But within the comfort of my couch, all too often I multitask with my laptop and/or phone when I put on a movie or TV show. And without my full attention, I miss things and don't fully appreciate what I'm half-watching. No more! Well... Just during commercials! And the boring parts!

2. Give back to my favorite podcasts. These days I listen to more podcasts than music. They've entertained me so much for no cost at all. While I've been pretty good about doing my Amazon shopping through The Christmas Stocking's affiliate link, I feel I should be better at supporting them. Get a premium subscription to Never Not Funny? Buy a Doug Loves Movies shirt? See Paul F. Tompkins or the Sklar brothers if they ever do a show around me? Purchase the Comedy Film Nerds book and Girl on Guy app? Yeah, I think I should do all of those things.

3. Don't start another book series until I finish the ones I've already started. Currently I'm in the middle of The Strain and The Hunger Games trilogies. No more new ones until I get through those. (I'm not counting my beloved Parker books, since there are 24 of those and few contain arcs that carry through to subsequent books. Or so I've heard.)

Bonus! When talking about Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and their spawn, I vow to never, ever use the loathsome word "Kimye".

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