Monday, October 22, 2007

It's a...hoodie!

Target is having a great sale on hoodies this week ($8.66!), so I thought I'd buy yet another one. I shall name it...Black Dog*. I just hope my others - Graybeard, Blueball, Spiderboy, the Professor, and Greenhorn - don't get jealous.

Man, now I really can't wait until it gets colder. Too bad it's only late October. *sigh*

*I'm in a Zeppelin kind of mood.


Anonymous said...

umm, I'm not jealous.

custom hoodies is how I roll.

Micah said...

Too rich for my blood. Well, I have paid that much for hoodies, but it's too rich now.

That site does have some hipster cuties working for them, though. Score.