Thursday, October 25, 2007

Office chatter

Tonight's episode of "The Office": "Local Ad"

The Scranton branch is asked to participate in an ad campaign which jump starts Michael's creativity.

MW Bonus "30 Rock" Synopsis: "Rosemary's Baby"

Liz hires her idol as a guest writer only to face dire consequences.



Maggie Moo said...

OMG-I so forgot it was Thursday (due to the World Series & my red sox)...I'm so glad you reminded me!!

The Mo Show: It's on Blog Talk Radio and airs every Wednesday at 7pm EST. He has a wide variety of topics each week and lots of callers. It's a pretty fun show-especially the one I'm gonna be on. ;)

Micah said...

Wow. First srah, now you. My blog's become quite the alarm clock. Just don't hit snooze too much.

I'll try to give your show a listen.