Monday, October 15, 2007

Meet me at the fair*: a photo essay

Here are some pics from this year's Virginia State Fair. The snarky comments pretty much write themselves. Feel free to contribute your own.

*The post title is from an obscure song and obscure album by an obscure band. Do check them out.


The Dubin said...

And how much did the "white" and "colored" drinking fountains cost, respectively?

MissMuse said...

Fried Pepsi? Did they do anything with the cup? You know I remember the Pushstars from my college days! :)

spydrz said...

Fried. Oreos. Fried. Mac and cheese.

Mags said...

I was thinking the same thing as Dubin! And also, I'm very curious about the fried Pepsi...please elaborate.

Denae D'Arcy said...

loved the pics and the moments captured at the fair. i went to 100 little hometown fairs when i worked in hazard, ky. every hollar had one. loved the fried food and hilarious (at times wonderful) live music and rides. xxx

Micah said...

dubin - I don't know. I only went to the white one.

missmuse - It was actually fried dough with some pepsi syzzurp inside it. I didn't try it.

Ah, the Push stars...I met them after a show in college. They even invited my friends and I to hang with them in Boston. And when we made it up there for spring break, they were nowhere to be found. Spooky.

spydrz - Trip. To. The. Emergency. Room.

mags - See above.

denae - You really can't beat a good state fair. Hazard, KY? You weren't running moonshine for the Duke boys, were you?