Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bonus Crush of the Week: Schick Treadmill Girl

Since I was late posting a Crush this week, y'all get a bonus one: the girl in the Schick Quattro Titanium commercial.

Just like the talent at my gym.

She's cute. And it's fun to say Schick. See the commercial here.

Credit due: dubin


Anonymous said...

She has all the qualities I'm looking for in a woman:

(1) She runs on a treadmill.

(2) She falls comically off a treadmill.

Micah said...

3) She has an intense appreciation for clean-shaven men.

Anonymous said...

Number 3 isn't going to work, because I only shave every other day.

Micah said...

Then she ain't going to be falling off of any treadmills for you.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe I can get her to fall off one of those giant ab exercise balls.

You know, rumor has it the treadmill girl is also the girl from the jeans commercial who's lying on the couch watching TV while her boyfriend runs outside to tackle the guy stealing his jeans off the clothesline. I think I'll make that the basis of my PhD research.

Wooly Rupert said...

phew, and here I thought I was cheating on jeans girl with treadmill girl....that's a load off. HA-WINK