Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough: a Savannah photo essay

This past weekend was a Bloggers Convention of sorts, where spydrz, Simply Reg/THSE/SBN1, Dem L____ Boyz (Herodotus and Dr. Zeius), and myself met up in Savannah, GA. It was a beautiful weekend in the historic city and not just because of the sunny weather (the town has this weird, wonderful mix of Southern Belles and hot arty women). We ate well and drank even better. The following are some pictures from that part of our trip:

The gang at B & B Billiards (not pictured: Dr. Zeius, who had bailed before this picture was taken)

Simply Reg and I went on a recon mission to scout out other bars. The above was taken at a hipster joint called Hang Fire.

Then it was on to Pinkie Master's, where I had my very first PBR (I had to fit in with the hipsters).

Taking in some of the too-cool-for-school crowd and realizing that the rest of the group wouldn't go for it, we retreated back to the comforting womb of B&B and it's kick-ass jukebox*.

One last shot, in a hotel elevator on the day we left town.

Bonus Picture:

Just a couple of caballeros at the second happiest place on Earth - South of the Border. We're also the bi-racial Hall & Oates.

You can read dispatches from my compatriots here and here.

*I learned the hard way that the penance for playing Eiffel 65's "I'm Blue" is to buy the bartender a shot after she calls you out in front of the whole bar.


spydrz said...

Hola Amigos! You never sausage a place!

Micah said...

Forecast: chile today, hot tamale.

herodotus said...

1. not only did she call you out...but she did it over the p.a. system. you, then, had to walk a walk of shame to and from the bar....while the entire place cheered your pennance for the aforementioned musical indiscretion. if you're gonna tell it...tell it right.

2. if there are sunglasses on...and a need...you may remove the requisite blue dot. this time....

Anonymous said...


jasdye said...

pbr. i used to think that was a weird form of pb&j.

and then i moved to hipster-town Logan Square, Chicago USA.

did you wear tight pants, grow unnecessary beards (that say, "i'm in my 20's") and divulge about bands that only lasted a week this last month?

herodotus said...

mw- actually...could you send some pics of the trip my way...sans blue spot?

Micah said...

herodotus - I think I'll keep the blue dot. It adds a layer of mystery, like "who is this guy that's paranoid about his image being posted online?" But I'll send you the undoctored photos tonight after work.

As for being called out...I am not ashamed. The scarlet - or blue, in this case - letter placed upon my chest doesn't make me feel less of myself. The next trip I'll be breaking out the Real McCoy ("Another Night") and be damned proud to do it.

simply reg - Spurred by this weekend's trip, I downloaded Hall & Oates' greatest hits and damn if they don't have some really catchy pop tunes. I mean, I've heard all of them 1000 times before, but I never really listened, man.

jasdye - No one wants to see me in tight pants, already have a beard (although is it necessary?), and the bands I like last at least a fortnight.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't think anyone can deny that if there had to be a theme song from this trip, it would have to "Private Eyes" by Hall and Oates.

Anonymous said...

you saw the photos, jas, NO ONE in our group is qualified to wear skinny jeans. I am pretty sure hipsters have to have a BMI of 6 before they are even issued their jeans.

Next trip's theme song is "Maneater."