Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A new bundle of joy

My hoodie family got a little bigger on Sunday: meet Redrum (dip dip dip...sweatshirt). It's lightweight, so it'll be perfect for the waning days of Virginia "winter." Please join me, Greybeard, Black Dog (currently m.i.a.), Blueball, Spiderboy, Greenhorn, and the Professor in welcoming him aboard.

In related news, due to a clearance sale and a free shipping coupon, I expect to receive another grandpa sweater (green this time) sometime within the next week. 23 skidoo!


Anonymous said...

I, for one, welcome our new hoodie overlord.

Anonymous said...

you're in your thirties now; it's time to cool it with the hoodies and upgrade to blazers.

(and that's coming from a custom hoodie owner.)

Hasselback said...

What is this "winter" of which you speak???

Micah said...

THSE - Never!

george - See, in most of the world we have these things called "seasons", where the temperature shifts (even if it is ever so slightly). Surely, your Maro Polo-esque exploits over the past few years haven't made you forget this.