Thursday, October 09, 2008

Office chatter

Tonight's new episode of "The Office": "Business Ethics"

Following Ryan's recent scandal at corporate, Holly must hold a business ethics seminar.


EDIT: My bad. It looks like the VP debate's going to pre-empt tonights episode. Oh, well. I'm sure "Joe being Joe" will provide some laughs.

EDIT II: Okay, let's try this again.


spydrz said...

I'm pretty sure that it'll be preempted by Sarah and the Amtrak Regular Joe.

jasdye said...

nuts. this new thursday night must-see tv was nowhere near as funny as i was led to believe by the couric promos.

Micah said...

And for that I am very thankful.

Still, I would've rather watched the Thursday night comedies. Can't believe I nixed "Sunny" for the debates...

jasdye said...

big surprise, SNL's funny again. why do they wait until election year til they get the fever back?

heck, even their non-political stuff can be great (mark wahlberg talks to animals? that's a piece of wonderful).