Friday, October 03, 2008

Crush of the Week: Amy Robach

This week's Crush is TV journalist Amy Robach. Lately she's been filling in for Ann Curry on "Today" and I have no problems with that whatsoever.

It's nice to slowly regain consciousness with her each morning.


spydrz said...

If I go to the MSDNC website, will I be on some government list?

Micah said...

No, just ones for the DNC and

SBN1 said...

nice selection.

speaking of news babes, feast your eyes on this one.

Micah said...

Eh, Howard Kurtz isn't all that hot.

Anonymous said...

Amy is great. If you saw Today yesterday, you might have also heard Ann Curry saying "I've had sex!" during her stand up performance. It was kind of hot in a peculiar way. I mean, I know Ann Curry has obviously had sex before, but to hear her say it, well, it just added something.

I think you recently did Halle Berry but you need to do her again - er, for crush of the week - after this week's Esquire. Be sure to read it as well, it's hot.

Micah said...

Ha ha. Yeah, I saw that Ann Curry clip when it aired.

As for Halle Berry, I don't believe I've ever Crushed on her here, but after looking at one of the Esquire pics, I may have to remedy that. Thanks for bringing her to my attention.