Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My hero

While the public's love affair with Watchmen is fading - big time* - I'm still pretty geeked out over the film. So much so that I've decided to become a superhero, with a little help from the Hero Factory.

Once I created my superhero, the site dubbed me "The Talented Karate Ninja," but that's just silly. I see my hero being something more along the lines of "The Platonic Friend." What are my super powers? Behold:
  • Cloak of Non-Threatening (affects women AND their boyfriends)

  • Mad Listening Skillz

  • Super Respectfulness

  • Keen Mixtape Prowess

  • Infinite Sweetness

  • Extreme Misplaced Feelings

  • Dark Brooding (out of public eye)
Now if you'll excuse me, I must patrol the streets.

*For you nerds who haven't seen it yet, please heed ├╝bergeek Patton Oswalt's words.

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