Thursday, March 12, 2009

Office chatter

Tonight's new episode of "The Office": "Golden Ticket"

Michael causes a huge problem in the office when he comes up with the idea to put "golden tickets" into packages of paper for clients to redeem for discounts. Andy, Jim and Pam give Kevin differing advice on wooing a woman.



Brian Sterowski said...

should be a good episode, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

"Why do you have I dairy?"

"To keep secrets from my computer"...I can't decide if Dwight or Andy (the nard-dog) is the best character on this show....

Micah said...

Brian - Yep, it was!

dr. zeius - Andy didn't do much for me when he first appeared on the show, but he's grown into my second favorite character. No one dethrones Creed, though.