Friday, March 20, 2009

Crush of the Week: Katy Mixon

This week's Crush is actress Katy Mixon, who plays April "Big Cannons" Buchanon on the hilarious "Eastbound & Down". Loves me a southern belle.

The first season wraps up this Sunday. I sure hope Kenny Powers crushes it.


Anonymous said...

Good call. Two weeks ago (bedroom scene with kenny) was amazing.

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly agree with this assessment. Even though, she isn't the one who bares her breasts in EVERY episode she's in! ;)

Micah said...

Jephy - Yes, that was glorious. I can't fault Kenny's reaction.

Mehrdad1 - You better not disrespect Kenny Powers!

I sure hope his audiobook's available for download at some point.