Friday, May 29, 2009

More Britcom suggestions, por favor.

Within the past week I've devoured every episode of "The IT Crowd"* (thanks to some of your glowing recommendations). That show is hilarious! I never thought I'd fall for another convential three camera, laugh track-enabled sitcom with a "wacky neighbor" type character (face it: Moss is an English Kramer) ever again, but I did. Whodathunkit?

I'm currently working my way through "Spaced" again. When the US DVD set was initially released I breezed through the first season series pretty quickly, but then got sidetracked by something or another and never got around to the watching the second series. It's been so long since then that I'm just going to run through both series straight through.

So where should I go from there? What comedies from across the pond are absolutely fabulous? And don't say "Ab Fab," because I don't find that show funny at all. Come on, people. The summer TV wasteland is rearing its ugly head and I'm dire need of some quality programming to get me through the next few months.

Much like my brother, armed with a Netflix account, devoted last summer to Westerns, I'm proclaiming this my Summer of Britcoms. Cheerio! Crisps! Walkabout!

*Which makes me curious about the aborted US version. If anyone could point me to where I could obtain a copy, I'd be mighty appreciative.


spydrz said...

Well I still have "Saxondale."

Wh1skeylover said...

Try the classic 'Father Ted' from the creator of the IT Crowd. Hella funny.

spydrz said...

Peep Show.

Mehrdad1 said...

I second Peep Show. Also, try these on for size:

1. The Worst Week of My Life - There's only 2 seasons, and a 3 episode, The Worst Christmas of My Life. It's like the UK, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

2. The Inbetweeners - also only 2 seasons, and quite well written. It's about teenagers, and their trials and tribulations.

3. No Heroics - 2 seasons, and about an alternate universe exactly like ours, except super heroes DO exist. They all chill out in a pub that caters to them and they discuss their lives. Very cool, and great for comic book geeks (lots of in-jokes like a beer on tap called Alan Moore Ale).

4). Nighty Night - The show that redefined "black comedy." Also, only 2 seasons long.

5). Finally, for the brave, and fan of the classics try "'Allo 'Allo!" on for size. It's 9 seasons of pure classic English comedy.

That's all I can think of for now. Tell me what you think. and I can whittle down my list to something that suits your tastes. But, the shows above are guaranteed to be worthy of your time.

Mehrdad1 said...

OMG, I'm such an idiot! I forgot to mention the one show that you should NOT miss....The Mighty Boosh. It's currently playing in the US, on Adult Swim. I warn you, the show is very weird. Imagine if The State* and Flight of the Conchords got together! However, it's really brilliant, once you get used to it.

*=Speaking of The State, their DVD is Finally coming out. Don't forget to pre-order:

Alfie said...

1) I second "Father Ted." Three priests on a small Irish island, comedy gold.

2) The Mighty Boosh is good, but I don't know if it appeals to everyone.

3) Blackadder - Rowan Atkinson, Stephen Fry, Miranda Richardson, Hugh Laurie. Series III (Regency England) is my favorite, followed by Series II (Elizabethan England). Series I (late York, early Tudor England) and IV (World War I) have their own charm but I don't like them as much. They made Part V, which covers the entire history of England and has guest appearances by some very recognizable faces.

4) Jeeves and Wooster - Hugh Laurie as a 1920s/30s upper class twit (the brains of his set) and Stephen Fry as his butler and lifesaver.

5) Keeping Up Appearances - Class obsessed woman trying to hide her lower-class relations and force her husband into a higher class.

6) Are You Being Served? - Comedy set in a department store

7) Chef - a vicious chef torments his staff and suffers the stupidity of his patrons

8) Fawlty Towers - obnoxious hotel owner torments staff and patrons and gets abuse from everyone in return

9) Vicar of Dibley - From the creator of Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Blackadder - a female minister is sent to the small town of Dibley, where they are expecting a male minister and she is expecting some level of intellect. Comedy ensues.

My favorites are Blackadder, The Vicar of Dibley, Father Ted, and Jeeves and Wooster.

Micah said...

Thanks, folks! Y'all have made some very interesting choices. Keep in mind that I'll be at the mercy of available torrents, so unfortunately I may not get to them all.

spydrz - Well, I do love The Coog, so I'll likely check that one out. And Reg's enthusiastic recommendation of "Peep Show" makes that a must-see.

Whiskeylover - I've long heard about that show, but have never seen it. "Hella" is good.

Mehrdad1 - UK Curb? Superheroes? English quirk? Sold.

Yeah, I CANNOT WAIT until "The State" finally hits DVD, even if much of the music has been replaced. I've been watching my "Stella" DVDs lately and that's really put me in the mood.

Alfie - I've seen a little bit of "Black Adder" years ago when it was on A&E; For some reason, a scene with two men and the line "I love you, ______, and I want to have your baby" sticks in my head. Beyond that, I don't remember anything.

Thanks to PBS, I've caught a lot of "Are You Being Served" (and think it's funny), as well as "Keeping Up Appearences" (a favorite of my dad's). But I've only seen stray episodes here and there of each of them, so straight run throughs would likely be good times.

I have the "Fawlty Towers" DVDs. That's a classic. "Manuel, there is too much butter on those trays." Ha ha!

I'm going to have to plan out a summer schedule, heh heh. Thanks again, guys. If you have more recommendations, keep 'em coming!

spydrz said...

I do have "Fawlty Towers" 'The Germans' on VHS.
"Wir moechten ein Auto mieten."
"Oh, you want to go out to get some meat? We have plenty of meat here."

"Try not to mention the War."

spydrz said...


spydrz said...

Ve have meat here in ze building!

Denae said...

An oldie but a goodie Only Fools and Horses - loved watching it with my housemate.

Alfie said...

I somehow forgot about my favorite Scottish shows. I don't know how I forgot it, but I want to add Hamish Macbeth to the list. Lots of interesting characters, fabulous Scottish scenery, potentially unintelligible Scottish accents.

Also, Monarch of the Glen.

Alfie said...

Also, I'm pretty sure the man Blackadder was offering to have the babies of was Dr. Samuel Johnson, creator of the dictionary: "the most pointless book since How To Learn French was translated into French".

Anonymous said...

The Mighty Boosh comes out on DVD this summer, as does the second season of The IT Crowd.

The quiz shows QI and Never Mind the Buzzcocks are worth searching out online.