Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick movie review

Paranormal Activity: Creeped me the eff out! Certain scenes of this movie actually stuck with me for days, but I'm a big wuss when it comes to a certain type of scary flick. In fact, this was kind of a bait and switch, since I went in expecting a certain type of movie and it turned out to be something a bit different (my thought when I realized that: "oh, shit"). It's refreshing to find a horror flick these days that relies not on cheap gore or flashy editing, but atmosphere and a sense of dread to give the audience chills. Not that it's without its flaws - which I'll go into in the comments section, if anyone wishes. I won't detail the plot because it's best if you go into this film fresh. DO NOT watch the trailer, as it gives away one of the best moments.

I would like to also add that what scares me the most about Paranormal Activity is, should this become a mainstream hit, most people will pronounce my name as "MEE-kuh". It's "MY-kuh", dammit!

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