Thursday, April 06, 2006

Project SYFLOM

Hey, folks. Upset that there was no Crush or News Round-Up this week? Well, get used to it as I engage in Project SYFLOM*. Lately I have been preoccupied with dismantling and boxing up the past 4.5 years of my life. Today I am changing my base of operations and moving back to Virginia to better my professional, financial, and personal lives. That's right - I'm fulfilling every 30 year old's dream and moving back in with the folks.

I will not have a regular internet connection down there, so my posting will be less frequent. Additionally, I'll be in the Outer Banks with the fam all next week, so there'll be no updates at all during that period. Please bear with me during this transition. That is all.

*Sort your fuckin' life out, mate.


Captain Backfire said...



Kate The Great said...

Micah, go East, young man.

Good luck and stuff, we'll miss you in Ohio. I just signed a new contract for two more years (and am moving to dayside. Yay normal hours!) so I'll be here for a while. D-Money is likely moving across the pond for a bit but will be back too. You must come visit. Vegas is still on the books for August, and of course you always know where you can find me...

jasdye said...

aw, man...

happy for you, though, dude. find your dreams and persue them.

shoot. now i really gotta make some new blogger friends again. that sucks.

Micah said...

Aw, don't get all down. I'm not hanging it up, just going from "daily" to "semi-daily".

Regardless, thanks, everyone.

KtG - Glad to hear that you'll share a sleeping schedule with us normals now. Vegas is iffy - student loans are kicking my butt. And Count D-Money's moving to the UK?! How'd this happen?

Kate The Great said...

D Money is going to grad. school in Jolly Old London. Starts in Sept. and I am going to be totally lost without her. At least it gives me an incentive to find my passport.

Shamrock said...

Off Topic Alert (easier than e-mailing everyone):

Just wanted to say that I am becoming a Kennedy. How?
One: alcohol problems
Two: good looks
Three: Problems passing exams (albeit without the family fortune as a back-up).

I am approaching the stature of JFK Jr. Although, it is not the Bar, I will have to take the United States Medical Licensing Exam for a third time...2 more attempts until I own a failed magazine.

I just hope I do not die in a crash in a plane that I find myself piloting.

Micah, we are so alike would you like some company? Perhaps in Culinary School?

Until Later...

jasdye said...

^dayt, mannnnnn!

Micah said...

KtG - That's awesome news. She'd love you to visit, I'm sure. I regret not visiting Shamrock when he was studying over there (but my credit cards thank me).

Shamrock - Oh, man. Sorry, dude. But now you can join my exclusive club, so it's not all bad. Plus, the Ol' Lady is still giving you an allowance. And you got a rad new dog. I think we should form a study group for our respective exams.

And then say "screw it" and go to culinary school.

Captain Backfire said...

Aww, Shamrock dude. My condolences. On the upside, if you continue down this JFK Jr. path of yours, there's still a number of hot blondes you've yet to bed. And for that reason alone, I said "fail away, good man!"

You'll get 'em next time.

Anonymous said...

Why should the Kennedys have exclusive rights to being the epitome of beloved Irish-American good-for-nothings. Come the end of July, this McGuire will joining the line for a postion with the coveted L'Institut Culinaire de Linus, perhaps the pastery dept. If Shamrock takes the sommelier post and Micah the barbie, and we'll have our own comfortable compound (in Dixie) soon enough.

Love y'all!

Micah said...

And if all that doesn't work out, we can form a band and travel the countryside. I got dibs on the jugs! (har har)

Dubin, if he fails out of vet school (unlikely), could play...what else...Jew's harp.

The rest of y'all can pick your own instruments.