Saturday, April 01, 2006

Micah World Top 25

Here they are, the top 25 songs burning up my iPod (as of 4.01.06):

1. "Knock Yourself Out" - Jon Brion
2. "All the Pretty Girls Leave Town" - Tim Easton
3. "Jesusland" - Ben Folds
4. "Bad Things" - Jace Everett
5. "Absolutely Cuckoo" - The Magnetic Fields
6. "Why Don't You Get a Job" - The Offspring
7. "Lua" - Bright Eyes
8. "Death Valley Queen" - Flogging Molly
9. "You Are What You Love" - Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
10. "William and Nancy's Parting" - John Wesley Harding
11. "Tribulations" - LCD Soundsystem
12. "Rational Bohemian" - Mary Prankster
13. "Regret" - New Order
14. "Troublesome Kind" - Tim Easton
15. "Mr. Bad Example" - Warren Zevon
16. "Merely a Man" - XTC
17. "Ap's Intro" - Apathy
18. "Listen to the Rhythm" - Aphrodite
19. "War on Drugs" - Barenaked Ladies
20. "If You Find Yourself Caught in Love" - Belle & Sebastian
21. "Adam and Lorraine" - Ben & Jason
22. "Don't Ask Me Why" - Billy Joel
23. "Fall Back Down" - Candy Butchers
24. "Hang on Mike" - Candy Butchers
25. "The Greatest" - Cat Power

Not too much new at the top from the last time, but some notable debuts.


THSE said...

Jesusland stays in heavy rotation like whoah.

Micah said...

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I listened to it. It's been at (or near) the top for so long because: a) that Ben Folds album was one of the first that I loaded onto the iPod and b) it was the song I'd use to demo the iPod to my fam and friends.

Great song, though. But, as I add new songs (currently 7000+), things'll get diluted and have less of a chance of breaking onto the chart (unless it's a song that begs to played over and over - like the Belle & Sebastian one).

spydrz said...

Does this iPod thing tabulate the song list itself, or do you have to?

Micah said...

It has a "Top 25" playlist that it keeps track of automatically. Pretty nifty. Of course, you could do it yourself in iTunes by sorting by "most played".

spydrz said...

But this would all require that I purchase an iPod. I am enjoying being the only person who has not fallen for the vast Apple-wing conspiracy.

thse said...

you are not alone, spydrz. I too live without an ipod. I do, however, own a mac.

Micah said...

Well, I was anti-iPod for many years, but then came around. Unlike my brother and brother-in-law, though, I am not a member of the Cult of Mac (yet).

Check out the Apple iProduct for a good laugh.

spydrz said...

Yep I've seen that before. I remember the kinda cute girl second from the left.

jasdye said...

can't justify spending 2 bills on a product that i'll drop and break w/in a month.

course, that's what i say now...

Micah said...

Funny. I refuse to buy expensive sunglasses for that reason, but when it comes to portable music...