Friday, March 31, 2006

Like kittens? Like Vikings? Like Zeppelin?

Then you'll love this. I used to think of Jack Black in School of Rock when I heard that song. Not anymore.

Credit due: Spydrz


spydrz said...

It's always kittens.

As I have a coworker obsessed with Hello Kitty, I have this question--why doesn't Hello Kitty have a mouth?

Micah said...

Is your coworker a 10 year old Japanese girl?

spydrz said...

That's a big no.
But she did attend "THE" university.

Law Fairy said...

I want Joel Veitch's drugs.

Personally, I prefer the odd comedy of the Woe Kitten to the Kitten Vikings.

Micah said...

spydrz - Then why are you concerned? Her elitism should find its own way to solve the problem. The answer probably lies within the Jefferson Code.

law fairy - I haven't explored his site before (only went directly to the kitten vikings song). The guy's messed up. So far, I've just watched the kitten ninja video (the jumping soccer kids really made me laugh).