Monday, March 06, 2006

Call off the suicide watch

I exchanged my busted DVR for a fully functioning one this afternoon.

Also, congratulations to KPMD, the winner of this year's Oscar pool. Thanks to everyone who entered and/or participated in last night's chat. It was a blast.

To paraphrase George Clooney, I'm proud to be part of this blogging community, proud to be out of touch.


My Daily Struggles said...

Talk about out of touch. I have no family or friends. And I haven't been to a movie since 1992. Can you get more out of touch?

KPMD said...

I am so very honored to receive this award. I would like to thank all the little people (whether they be dwarves or midgets) and all the internet resources I confered with for my picks. I can only hope that this year's DVD will NOT be "Glitter".

Shamrock said...

Sort of off Topic Alert:

Ever wonder what "Brokeback" would be if instead of being captured for eternity on Celluloid, it were to be sculpted out of plastic blocks...

Hat Tip: NRO "The Corner"

Micah said...

Gary Freedman - Doubtful. Thanks for stopping by!

KPMD - I should've put in the post that you actually shared victory with me. Oh, well. Congratulations nonetheless. I'll be heading to Wal-Mart tomorrow to purchase your major award. :)

Shamrock - There's the guy I love, posting things completely unrelated to the post's topic. I've missed you.