Sunday, March 05, 2006

Perfect timing

I woke up this morning to find that my DVR has crapped out (again). I'm getting no cable signal from it at all. Looks like I'll have to replace it (again) first thing tomorrow morning.

So, I'll have to watch the Oscars either: A) in my kitchen - which has a tiny cable TV and uncomfortable seats or B) in my office with a slightly bigger TV with sub-par reception.

To those in my Oscar pool, I've decided to sweeten the pot a little. In the event that I take the top spot at the end of the night, I will award the DVD to whoever came in second, unless there is a tie. Then I'll have to think of a tiebreaker, to be determined later.

BTW, this is not the official Oscar thread. I'll post that later on this afternoon. Just look for the gay cowboy.


Micah said...

Yeah, whatever, bud. Just because I'm not going to award myself a DVD (well, that ain't entirely true), doesn't mean I won't get bragging rights.

I just talked to my aunt and she invited me over to her house for dinner and the show. I'm not one to turn down brisket, a giant TV, and a comfy couch, so that's where I'll be toinght. She *thinks* that she has wireless, so there may be a chance I won't be a part of the festivities. We'll see.

Micah said...

I think she got confirmation from my uncle that they have wireless. But she also said that when my cousin comes home to visit, he taps into someone else's connection. Ethics be damned, if that's what I have to do.

jasdye said...

good thing you're not in china, where internet ethics is run by the internet police.

sorry i didn't get around to joining the pool. in chicago, we tend to wait til june to jump in any pools, even ncaa. (ok, i lied. i lose every year. big time.)

Micah said...

jasdye - There's always next year.