Friday, March 10, 2006

Quick movie reviews

Grandma's Boy: A not-so-guilty pleasure of mine is a good, stoopid comedy (Super Troopers, Eurotrip, et al.). Despite factors in its favor (Nick Swardson*, Linda Cardellini, producer Adam Sandler, a premise that illuminates my very soul) this one was just dumb. I just don't find stoner humor funny. But it gets bonus points for having boobage and a chimp in it.
King Kong: Way too long, but I dug it. The man-woman-large ape love triangle was a bit creepy, though.
The Amityville Horror: Pointless remake that didn't bring the scary. Ryan Reynolds was surprisingly decent in a non-comedic role.
The Producers: I've never seen the Broadway production, but I can imagine Broderick and Lane's performances were exactly the same, as they really played to the balcony. It could've been toned down a bit. Uma Thurman was miscast, since the blonde bombshell role of "Ulla" should be played by someone, well, attractive.

*Hopefully his "Gay Robot" TV pilot will see the light of day.


jasdye said...

hey, uma's all right.

but oprah's better.

Law Fairy said...

jasdye made my brain hurt

Micah said...

No, she ain't. Of everyone that Hollywood shoves down our throats as "beautiful", Uma ranks last. I just don't think she's attractive.

I'd still do her, though.

Micah said...

Very good call. To quote Peter Griffin: "They let Sarah Jessica Parker on TV and her face looks like a foot."

jasdye said...

ummm... if you'd *do* her...