Sunday, March 12, 2006

A few thoughts...

Time for me to pretend that I'm Larry King, sans the suspenders and ten marriages:
  • Conan O'Brien's trip to Finland was hilarious. "Fagerstrom, I know you're in there!"
  • In a few short hours March Madness officially begins. I'm officially excited. If there's any interest, I'll start a Micah World bracket for y'all to play in.
  • Cantaloup, coffee, and the Sunday paper. The perfect breakfast?
  • Packing up all of your possessions is not fun, especially if 95% of them are knick-knacks and media.
  • I ran out of clean socks yesterday, making my longing for sandal weather even stronger.
  • "Steal My Sunshine": I had another $1.99 nostalgia trip when I bought a used copy of Len's You Can't Stop the Bum Rush album this week. It's surprisingly eclectic, mixing pop, hip-hop, gospel, rock, and Kraftwerk-style electronic music. And you can't hate any album that features Biz Markie.
  • Finally, FX's "Black. White" debuted (not that I watched). Now maybe the channel won't innudate me with promos when I watch "The Shield".
  • "V-Dub holding it down on the engineering tip, yo": Volkswagen's funny, Germanic ad campaign reminds me of Spydrz. Check the ads here, here, and here.
  • New episodes of "Family Guy" resume tonight. Finally.
  • I'm getting sick of my beard and yet I do not shave it off.
  • R.I.P. Harry Browne, the only Libertarian candidate for president that I've ever voted for.
Now back to the regular format.


spydrz said...

Sandal weather? It's going to be 88 here today...I've been wearing them since Friday.

Representing DEUTSCHLAND!

spydrz said...

I voted for Browne once as's sad that he's no longer with us.

Anonymous said...

what are you packing for? where are you going?

Micah said...

Toby - Thanks, bud.

spydrz - Well, it's getting warmer up here in Ahia, but lately it's been rainy. Open-toed shoes are cool, but pneumonia ain't.

THSE - I'm changing my base of operations to central VA towards the end of the month. It'll be much easier to find a Richmond/NoVA job if I'm actually residing in the state.

KPMD - Well, if you can get Shamrock to cover work for you, you can join the fam down in the Outer Banks in April. I'm sure my father would love to give you a prolonged hug.

I'm just glad we got your move out of the way in January (cold and wet) rather than summer (hot and wet).

Anonymous said...

KPMD-You were in "the shit" too? What unit were you with? Were you in Danang when Charlie busted through in the Quang Fang Valley?

Micah-I might be interested in a March Madness pool, however, as with most Jews, you will have a hard time getting me to pay up. Also, the warm-up is proceeding along nicely here in Michigantucky...right until it starts snowing on Tuesday. And I can announce from experience that it's still a little chilly to be camping in northern Michigan...but the spooning was great.

jasdye said...

really, any road trip w/ conan is good tv.

i should get into a pool this year. if you're planning one, i'm in. (is valpo in this year? no? how about university of chicago? no? nuts. at least we can always count on good ol' northwestern.)

i got you on the moving thing. that's why i live in my parent's basement... no wait, i don't.

happy new episodes to 'family guy' (decent "when people die, they void their guts"), 'simpsons' (ahhhh...yeah), and that weeper, "extreme makeover, home edition."

"germahn. engineer-ing. in tha howse. yeah"