Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Sleep! Death!

Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown, just be thankful you aren't like these guys. I saw this video a few years ago and I couldn't stop laughing. I figured it had to be on YouTube and sure enough...

(I realize that appropriating a Monty Python song makes me geeky, but at least I don't do live action RPGs.)


Kate The Great said...

Gosh how you skool me on pop culture. I never watch good tv anymore (crazy hours and no cable) and I'm always listening to mainstream music... Thank God for Micah World (you can pay me later for that).

Micah said...

Viva la Micah World!

(the check's in the mail)

jasdye said...

omg, that is hilarious!

it reminds me of whatshisname from King of Queens' recurring Wizard Master character on Reno 911 last year.

Micah said...

That would be the guy I'm always quoting - Patton Oswalt. His "Reno 911" character is hilarious. I have a Best Buy bonus DVD where he goes on an at least 5 minute monologue about his D&D world. It is so freakin' funny.

And then there's this choice exchange from Sunday's episode of "Family Guy" (where Peter and Lois are "role playing" in the bedroom):

Lois: "Oh, I need a spankin'. I'm a bad bad girl!"
Peter: "I'm a Paladin with 18 charisma and 97 hit points, I can use my Helm of Disintegration and do 1D4 damage as my half-elf mage wields his +5 Holy Avenger."
Lois: "Paladins can't use the Helm of Disintegration."
Peter: "Oh, okay, then I'm a black guy!"

D&D and Renaissance Fair types are good for an easy laugh.

jasdye said...

i'm just glad i can't understand ANY of that. (but it sounds like Pokemon-stuff. could it be a gateway for supreme nerdom?) i'm just nerdy in other ways.

yeah, patton oswalt. ok, NOW i'm making the connections.

ummm... i saw that episode. what do you do? keep friggin' minutes?

Micah said...

Heh heh, no. Lifted the scene from a message board. Not that I don't have the time to transcribe it myself.

This reminds me of a college roommate I had who was into Magic: The Gathering. He tried to get us to play, but we all politely declined. I was busy with other pursuits that didn't get me laid.

Micah said...

"I'm wearing Boots of Escaping!" Hilarious.

I watched that "Reno 911" DVD last night. Turns out Patton's D&D character is Lt. Dangle's cousin.

Hasselback said...

Ok kiddies, since this topic came up, I (the King of the Loser People and biggest nerd every to own a Harley) just had to say something.

Micah, I think we were hanging out when you discovered that particular clip. Funny, I was watching it as a pick-me-up the other day too.

Weird psychic moment, huh???

I showed that one to the current g/f and she said "god, you never did THAT did you?"

Thank all that is holy that I told that friend of mine in high school that live action role playing sounded a bit too nerdy.

Micah said...

George! You're alive! Oh, come on. You know you were a level 5 warrior princess back in the day.

Did Fraley give me your correct Gmail address (check your inbox, sucka)?