Monday, March 13, 2006

At last I can join the Nation of Islam (or possibly Chippendales)

You can call me Prof. Micah if you're nasty. After watching Dead Poets Society recently, I decided to take some time and finally learn how to tie the bow tie my sister and brother-in-law got me the Christmas before last. Now, I know that each knot should be endearingly askew and have its own personality, but I still need to work on my technique. I'm digging the Tucker Carlson/Moe Syzlak look. And when you combine the bow tie, beard, corduroy jacket, scotch, and pipe, I think I there's a new adjective that can be applied to me: tweedy.

I definitely have to hit up the Brooks Brothers outlet and stock up, so I can be referred to as "the bow tie guy".

Note: Blogger has been excruciatingly slow and bug-ridden for me as of late, so that's why my posts and comments have been so rare. Hopefully, they'll get their act together soon and it'll be business as usual here at Micah World.


spydrz said...

What kind of issues are you having? Mine seems to be working pretty well the past couple of days. Maybe it's because you have more pics than I do? Could that cause a slowdown in loading?

Micah said...

Well, a day or two ago I downloaded the latest version of MSN Messenger and have kept it running. I closed it out a little while ago and now everything's fine, so it's probably a conflict somewhere with that.

jasdye said...

or could it have something to do with your 4000 comments on oscar night?

Law Fairy said...

Maybe it's a blogger thing? I've gotten complaints for a little while that my blog's been slow too. I can't figure out why.

Nice bowtie!

Micah said...

Oscar night was freakin' slow on my end.

Pretty much all of the Blogger blogs (hee hee) that I visited were really slooooooow (including yours, law fairy).

So, the bow tie: sexxxy?

Kate The Great said...

Sure you have to drive me crazy and mention TC. I have naughty republican fantasies about him and his bow tie.

Hey did you get an email from D-Money? If so, did you answer?

Micah said...

If you're talking about the Evite, yes, I did get it (and no, I haven't responded yet). I'm trying to get in touch with my wingwoman to see if she'd like to attend the soiree.