Saturday, March 04, 2006

Alcohol, my permanent accessory

Going through my stacks of old newspapers (which I keep next to the kerosine and oily rags), one important story has fallen through the cracks of Micah World: Ohioan's ever increasing liquor consumption. The top ten liquors of 2005 held pretty steady from last year:

1. Kamchatka vodka
2. Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee whiskey
3. Bacardi Light-Dry rum
4. Jagermeister liqueur
5. Absolut vodka
6. Captain Morgan spiced rum
7. Black Velvet Canadian whiskey
8. Jim Beam Straight bourbon
9. Korski vodka
10. Crown Royal Canadian whiskey

Yes, Russia's finest supermarket-grade vodka took the top spot once again. Also like last year, I take full responsibility for the state's alcohol consumption because of several key 2005 events:

1. Studied for my second bar exam
2. Didn't pass my second bar exam
3. My 30th birthday
4. Celebrating the above in Vegas
5. Spent seven months on a shitty temp assignment
6. The breakup of Nick and Jessica

The good news for Ohio: this time next year I will be in Virginia, no doubt raising the Commonwealth's alcohol consumption.

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spydrz said...

Here in the Commonwealth I'm doing my best to raise the amount of JD Green Label's use. None of that Kentucky stuff.