Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I'll sleep well tonight

My Spiders actually won a game (scoring 81 points!), the Buckeyes were victorious, and Duke lost.

I think I will celebrate with the adding of Maker's Mark to Diet Coke.


Kate The Great said...

Ditto on celebrating Duke's loss.

And my Wildcats scratched their way to another W. Maybe UK -will- make it to the Dance.

Hey, were you the "friend" who signed me up to be a MM Ambassador?

Micah said...

Richmond will make it to the A10 tourny...and lose in the first round. The optimist in me says maybe the second round, though.

Yes, that was me that signed you up. Membership has its privileges: whisky glasses, stirrers, Christmas cards and labels, coasters. Best swag ever.