Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sunshine and sea air, palm trees, martinis

Hey, folks. I know exactly what you want: beach pics.

The view from the house.

Little Kahuna.

My brother or Harry Dunne?

My neice sporting her new spring look.

Obligatory Sadie picture.

Just a heads-up: everyone's getting Gay Cowboy t-shirts for Christmas.

The classic game of global domination.

As far a children's programs go, "Bob the Builder" isn't that bad.

And a few notes (from the OH and NC trips):
  • You'd think I'd learn after dangerously pushing the limit of the "yo, you need gas right now" light while in the boonies. But you'd be wrong. I did it twice.
  • Sufjan Stevens' Illinois? Es bueno.
  • Diet Dr. Pepper Berries 'n' Vanilla Cream? No es bueno. Es mal. ES MAL!
  • Coke Blak? Interesting.
  • Captain Morgan's Tattoo? Scrumtrulescent!
  • It's good to be home, but the one bookstore in town* didn't have Thank You For Smoking. That put a wrench in my beach reading plans.
  • Arranging all of my stuff in my brother's old room (my old room is currently a play/nap area for my niece) kind of reminds me of setting up a dorm room. Weird.

Well, not much else is going on. Anyone have a job for me?

*It's a sad comment on the Tri-Cities area (Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Petersburg) when the "bookstores" section of the phone book contains only 4 or 5 listings, none of them relevant (comic book stores, junior college bookstores).


spydrz said...

There isn't a Barnes & Noble in the Hgts.? I thought all franchise operations were legally bound to have a location on Southpark Blvd. or Charles H. Dimmock Pkwy.

Micah said...

They (not "we") don't read much down here. The mall used to have a Walden Books; now in its place is yet another sneaker store.

spydrz said...

Ah, good ol' Southpark shoe heaven. At least there are several McDonald's clustered near the movie house.

Has anything moved into Spinnaker's/Jewish Mother's yet?

I think you can check out books at the Roses of Picardy front desk.

jasdye said...

maybe you can open up a bookstore. a bookstore that specializes in redneck humor, but maybe you can sneak some Leo Tolstoy next to Larry The Cable Guy.

jasdye said...

and your brother looks like Jim from the Office.

Spot-on, really. spitting image.

Micah said...

spydrz - I try to avoid the mall, so I don't know if anything's there. Kind of brings a tear to my eye when I stare at the place of my first job.

jasdye - That's funny, as my brother's family kept on saying that he looks like Jim. The picture I took didn't have his hairy all frizzed out like it was, so it's less Harry-like than it should have been. But, still...good eye.

Kate The Great said...

I tried that nasty Dr. Pepper in Boston two days ago. I think it tastes like Nyquil mixed with soda.

Totally gross.

The beach pics are great, and I'll take a medium for the Gay southern t-shirts so my boobs can bust out like Daisy Duke...

Panthergirl said...

Great pics, Micah! Love that last'll make a really cute dad someday. ;)

Micah said...

KtG - Heh heh. We'll see what Santa leaves under your tree. (anything sounds dirty if you add a "heh heh").

Kate - I dunno. "Sesame Street" has gotten a bit too PC over the years. And Diet A&W Root Beer is currently rocking my world (didn't even know that brand existed over in HK).

panthergirl - I don't know about the "cute dad" part, but I'd definitely like to try to make a baby sometime.

jasdye said...

'make a baby?'

who are you, r. kelly?

Micah said...

Well, minus the "piss on you" part...