Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm all atwitter!

Well, I went ahead and joined Twitter, though I'm not 100% sold on it. I mean, this blog is enough of a narcissistic outlet that I barely keep up with at times. Why would anyone care what I'm doing at any given time?

But, I'm updating - or "twittering" - every now and then, posting one-line B.S. and stuff like updates about what I'm digging at the moment (currently, I'm on the last song of Clem Snide's Soft Spot album and LOVING IT). Think of it as a mini-blog.

So "friend" me or whatever. But I do ask that you let me know who you are. Right now I have two "followers" who I have no idea about their identities...and it's kind of creepy.


Anonymous said...

It's like mini-blogging!

Micah said...

Yeah, that's the way I see it. But my cell plan has a very finite number of text messages included, so I won't be updating via my cell phone. I'm sure everyone's crestfallen.

It's funny: a Twitter invitation from another friend arrived a couple of days after yours. I crumbled under the peer pressure.

spydrz said...

So what is this twitter thing for? I don't get it.

jasdye said...

so, micah, you're joining yet another social networking / blogging / predator-haven?

i'm scared that i may too be asked to log-on this latest world wide web internet sensation while surfing the 'net - as we like to say.

Micah said...

spydrz - It's another way for me to waste time.

jasdye - Well, how else am I going to meet my future bride if I don't get hip to what all the 15 year olds are currently into?

Kory said...

I use Twitter all the time for sharing industry-related ideas and info. It also serves as a nice "outlet" to break up the occasional monotony of the day. :) I'm "korym" if you ever want to follow! :D

(Oh, and I update via my cell too. Verizon rocks.)