Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hank, Dale, and Bobby on hipsters

Some choice quotes from Sunday's "King of the Hill":

Hank: Boy, Enrique's neighborhood sure has changed, I'll tell you what. All these artists moved in so fast and they all look the same: real skinny and walk slowly.
Dale: The people you are referring to are "hipsters." They walk slowly becacuse they got no place to be, man.


Bobby: How about this? What do hipsters like? Cool things. So we invent a place called "Cooltown." In "Cooltown" music's always playing and everybody drives convertibles.
Hank: Ugh. Sounds like Austin.


jasdye said...

yeah, with the exception of the convertibles (hipsters in chicago don't have money), that describes our end of our neighborhood to a 't'.

Micah said...

You live in Cooltown? Lucky!

Unless they put salmon in your fish tacos. Then you are unlucky.

jasdye said...

didn't catch the reference there, mr. cool.

Micah said...

That was in the episode that I took these quotes from. Enrique hit his breaking point when the hipsters started putting salmon in the fish tacos.