Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bunzilla vs. Cubilcetron

Yesterday morning I was greeted by this chocolate-devouring anime rabbit propped up against my computer monitor. It wasn't my birthday. And it wasn't Easter. So...why?

Just because. My friend - who also moonlights as a part-time game diva at Gamestop - took the cardboard promo piece from her store and figured it said something about me. She and her co-workers refer to it as "Bunzilla." Or more accurately "Bunzirra!"

I didn't trash it as I was thinking of replacing my '08-'09 UR Basketball poster anyway. I swear, my cube's turning into a Spencer's Gifts franchise (though it pales in comparison to my aforementioned friend's workspace).


spydrz said...

To truly be a Spencer's, you'll need to invest in some fake flatulence knickknacks.

Micah said...

Done and done. And I mean done!