Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My summer gaming: worldwide domination, Homer say "D'oh!," smashing stuff, and zombies

So when I got my Xbox 360 I had these grandiose plans of not getting too far ahead of myself in buying games. Then recently Gamestop had a "Buy 2 Used Games Get 1 Free" sale and, well, I got too far ahead of myself. But what I bought should last me throughout the summer.

Civilization Revolution: The first evening that I popped this in I ended up staying up until 5 am playing it. But I won my campaign! Worldwide domination is pretty damn intoxicating.

The Simpsons Game: The critics were right in that (so far) this is the funniest episode of "The Simpsons" in years.

The Incredible Hulk: Sometimes a dude's just got to smash stuff, you know?

Plants vs. Zombies: This is an ingeniously simple PC game that's almost as much of a time vampire as Peggle. Evenings have been lost playing this, my friends.

Those should keep me busy until Beatles: Rock Band and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 come out in September (two games of a very rare species: ones that I won't have a problem paying full price for).

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