Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Contest: create my new license plate

Hi, folks. Sorry I've been scarce for the past few days. To shorten the commute to my temp assignment, I've been crashing at my sister's house* - and the wireless signal that I've been piggybacking off of is extremely weak. Which makes blogging painful. But I'm planning on returning home tomorrow evening (why? I miss getting mail), so I'll respond to comments and post more stuff then. In the meantime, I've got a contest for you...

Create Micah's License Plate

Surprisingly, this plate is not taken.

In order to avoid paying for an Ohio car registration for another year, I need to switch all of my stuff over to Virginia before my birthday (*cough*August 24th*cough*), so I'm planning on spending this Saturday at the DMV (or "Satan's Asshole", as Dane Cook refers to it). I want to get the sweet University of Richmond Spider plates, but the trouble is that "JMBLYA" is taken here in the Old Dominion. So I need to put something else on there.

This is where you come in. Think of something to put on my plates, using six characters or less. You can check the availability of your entries here. Just throw your ideas at me. One of them just might stick.

Here's a chance to impact my daily life, perplex/amuse/piss off some motorists, and show off your creativity.

The prize? Besides my undying gratitude...I dunno. Maybe I'll compile a mix CD for you. And/or take you out to eat if I ever get a real job (airfare to Richmond not included). We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I don't want to be stuck with a random sequence of letters and numbers. Get crackin'!

*Though, with the $2 in tolls I pay each day, the dollar amount of gas I save is probably negligible.


Kate The Great said...

What every Vegas lover needs:


It's not taken yet, I checked.

Pimpin and YODADY are not available though...

spydrz said...


jasdye said...

what is jmblya anyway? i always assumed it was your initials, but that's pretty long for initials so i just proved myself to be an idiot.

this being the south, i assume RDNCK, CSN KSR and NASCAR aren't taken...

spydrz said...

GTRDUN is unfortunately taken. Besides, I doubt you could get it before the final race at Southside Speedway. Remember, they're made in those prisons in Goochland where we saw that strange prison break/wreck last weekend. Hopefully the plate shop wasn't affected.

spydrz said...

How about


spydrz said...

You could steal MndaPnda's plate:


jasdye said...

i didn't get most of 'em ('cept for the taken ones), but i really like HZBOLA.

that, unlike GTRDUN, won't be around for too long, though.

GTRDUN will be around in t-shirts spotted at Wal-Mart for a good decade or so.

Anonymous said...

The DMV would be much better if someone was standing there to punch you in the face as soon as you walk in the door. Then you're like, "OWWW...hey, standing in line doesn't seem so bad!"

So, is SEXFRM taken?

Perhaps one we can share: UM SUX

Anonymous said...


these are certain to draw attention!

oh yeah, sham roc, your check is (finally) in the mail.

Anonymous said...

And how could I forget?


Dude, you will make so many new friends it's not even funny.

Micah said...

Awesome, folks. Keep 'em coming!

There's a few that I'm leaning towards, but I won't reveal which ones, so as not to bias future entries.

spydrz said...

You know you want CHHS94.