Thursday, August 31, 2006

On the streets I'm a legend. In my hood I'm a star.

I look forward to Crossover dying a quick death this weekend, if only because I won't have to see the TV spots with that annoying song in it anymore. Ugh.

As for The Wicker Man, even though I'm pretty fed up with Hollywood's increasing penchant for remaking EVERY film that ever existed, I'm intrigued. I had discovered the original earlier this year and enjoyed it immensely. I'm curious as to how its legacy will be crapped on (and if they'll Hollywoodize the ending). Plus, I really dig Nicolas Cage. But I'll likely catch it on video...or cable.

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Hasselback said...

Speaking of remakes...they have greenlit the zombification of Akira Kurasawa's masterpiece "The Seven Samurai." Rumor has it that the Chinese actress from "Memoirs of a Geisha" (yes a Chinese girl playing a Geisha, don't get me started) has been asked, along with (god forbid) George Fucking Clooney.

Oh the horror...