Sunday, August 20, 2006

I think there's been a mistake...

Well, I'm a Virginia resident (again). Yet, this is the driver's license that I received:

At least I'll get some food out of it.

Guess I shouldn't have greeted the DMV drone with "hey, baby, I like it raaaaaaaaw."


jasdye said...

can you get different fake id's.

Like "Baby Jesus"?

(note: not a ricky bobby joke. just the only other ODB alias i remember)

Micah said...

I believe it was Big Baby Jesus. And Osirus. And Dirt McGirt.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn Zoo, shame on you...for steppin' up to the Ol'Dirty Bastard.

Micah said...

ODB's Words of Wisdom:

"If a brick didn't know how to sit on walls no mo'...What would you ask it"

"If a dick don't get hard off of cocaine...What would you ask it"

-from Chris Rock's Bigger and Blacker album