Sunday, August 20, 2006

I think there's been a mistake...

Well, I'm a Virginia resident (again). Yet, this is the driver's license that I received:

At least I'll get some food out of it.

Guess I shouldn't have greeted the DMV drone with "hey, baby, I like it raaaaaaaaw."


jasdye said...

can you get different fake id's.

Like "Baby Jesus"?

(note: not a ricky bobby joke. just the only other ODB alias i remember)

Micah said...

I believe it was Big Baby Jesus. And Osirus. And Dirt McGirt.

The Dubin said...

Brooklyn Zoo, shame on you...for steppin' up to the Ol'Dirty Bastard.

Micah said...

ODB's Words of Wisdom:

"If a brick didn't know how to sit on walls no mo'...What would you ask it"

"If a dick don't get hard off of cocaine...What would you ask it"

-from Chris Rock's Bigger and Blacker album