Saturday, August 12, 2006

Quick movie reviews: "Ricky Bobby", etc.

"Dear little 8 lb. 6 oz. baby Jesus..."

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby: Funny, but it ain't no Anchorman. The dinner table scene is priceless, though. And Alig G was a trip. Actually, the whole supporting cast were great (although some - like Andy Richter - were completely underused). It just wasn't as out there as the Ron Burgundy movie. One credit: you don't have to be a NASCAR fan to get the humor (which is good for me, as I hate the "sport").

Superman Returns: Being a Man of Steel fan, I really wanted to love this. I liked the film, but it just didn't wow me. I miss Christopher Reeve. Then there's my mom's five word review: "Lois Lane is a tramp."

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Again, I just wasn't wowed. Overly long, pointless action scenes, Orlando Bloom. Here's hoping the third one will be better.

Lady in the Water: Not all that great, even though Paul Giamatti did a fine job. M. Night, get over yourself.

Guess this summer's movie slate is ending up being pretty lackluster.

DVD Pick
Wolf Creek: I borrowed this from my brother and watched it last night. The first hour really drags (seriously, nothing happens), but it picks up in the last 30 minutes or so. The bad guy was quite menacing and the women (British birds, baby) were attractive. Beware the kindness of strangers.


spydrz said...

No, you don't have to be a NASCAR fan, but it helps so you can spot the DW and Junior cameos...and to understand why DW says "Boogity Boogity" in the film.

Micah said...

Eh, I actually picked up on the Dale Jr. cameo (couldn't pick him out of a crowd, but Ricky Bobby called him by name). As for "Boogity Boogity", I don't even remember that - or know what it means - but that's one joke out of a hell of a lot.

I just mean that there didn't seem to be many NASCAR in-jokes and the gags that did take shots at the "sport" (like the hyper corporate sponsorship), everyone pretty much could figure out without any prior knowledge.

jasdye said...

right, like ricky thanking baby Jesus for Powerade, which he's obligated by contract to mention during every blessing.

i found it funnier than burgundy. but i seem to be the only non-NASCAR fan to.

and i liked PotC II but also thought it was overly, overly long. bloom was much more interesting in this movie than in the last.

spydrz said...

I wish that RickyBobby had used more of the following phrases:

"Gir R Dun"


"Lord Have Mercy How'd She Get Them Britches On?"

jasdye said...

seriously, supes is the stalker here. and mr. lane is a great guy.

i'm with kate, it takes two humans and a kryptonian to tangle.

jasdye said...

i thought 'boogity-boogity' sounded like something Madden would say.

Law Fairy said...

Man, I need to get to the theater... still haven't seen Pirates!!! Argh! Er, Yargh! I never really understood the whole Orlando Bloom thing. Briefly thought he was cute but quickly got sick of him... I really don't understand the crazed fangirls...

Silent Hill comes out next week! It's already on my blockbuster queue.

Anonymous said...

OK, so of those, I've only seen Pirates and far. As for the first one, it was just waaaaaaaaay too long, too drawn out, too much jibber-jabber. As for Superman, I agree that Lois Lane is not a tramp...I mean, of course I'd do her if it was required of me, but...

Micah said...

Kate - She did an okay job, but the fanboy choice - Rachel McAdams - would've been better, IMO. Plus, I've seen the bony bikini pics of Kate Bosworth (thanks to my free subscription to Star). Yuck.

jasdye - I forgot about that. Superman was pretty creepy.

law fairy - He's got the Leo Syndrome. He's a girly-looking guy that the tweener girls swoon over.

dubin - You just got the call. Report to Ms. Bosworth's house immediately.

Anonymous said...

I finally saw Talladega Nights last evening. It was not over the top, but the dinner scene was outstanding. It took me forever to realize that that was Ali G, and I love him (it must have been my French-hatred barrier that delayed it). I anticipate the Borat movie immensely. The commercials definitely showed most of the one-liners. I fully agree with people being under used, especially Champ from Anchorman (Whammy!)

Micah said...

"What say we get out of here and have some chicken, maybe some sex. You know, see what happens." I love Champ Kind.

The Borat movies looks freakin' hilarious. What's left - a Bruno movie?