Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sorry, Commonwealth of Virginia. I change my ways for no one.

Like with everything else, I blame Britney.

This is one of the billboards that I see on my way home from work (apparently, this PSA campaign is nothing new). Think tax dollars will be spent on a "Don't be such a slut" awareness project?


jasdye said...

forgive me for my typical northern sensibilities (actually, we could use that billboard in chicago. like everything else, i blame r. kelly.), but shouldn't the sign read "isn't she your cousin"?

Law Fairy said...

How annoying. As though girls just sit around waiting to be preyed on by older men. Aren't the highest-profile statutory rape cases this past year about sex with minor males (think: hot teachers)??

I agree, let's have one aimed at the kiddies. Something like "grown-ups all have herpes" or something.

Micah said...

jasdye - Nah, you have to go deeper into the South for stuff like that. Regardless, you've earned yourself a week's suspension for your stereotyping.

Actually, you made a "piss on you" joke, so you're back in the circle.

law fairy - Yeah, that's what I was thinking when I saw the billboard (RE: the hotty teachers). Anyway, the men shouldn't be let off the hook, but it takes two to...uh...engage in coitus. This is just a waste of tax dollars, since I doubt anyone's going to be swayed by these PSAs.

Law Fairy said...

Dude, not even a chuckle at the kid-aimed ads? I personally thought my STD-scare idea was pretty damn funny.

jasdye said...

is coitus the medical jargon for cooties? i always wondered where that word came from.

law fairy, i laughed. it's funny 'cause it's true.

Law Fairy said...


Micah said...

law fairy - Sorry, babe. Mad props for the VD joke. You should write for "Mad TV"! ;)

jasdye - Actually, I think Coitus is the name of an old, Civil War-era ship.

jasdye said...

Diversity Coitus?

maybe if law fairy repeats that joke every time she turns in, it'll be just like Mad TV.