Friday, August 18, 2006

License plate contest is still open

We're in the waning hours of the contest. Any more entries? Post 'em!


Anonymous said...

heres a few:


SWGM (can u figger it out, mitch?)


IKOABD (=i'm kind of a big deal)

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with SPYDRZ (not to steal your fello bloggers' name, but why not). It may be gone. You could always pay respect to your hetero-life partner and get FRALEY. Maybe THEWEB, both playing on the Spider thing, and your addiction to this so called internet web thingy you speak of all of the time.

I will have to call you with more this evening if I get a chance. Upholding the law beckons (actually, trying to get idiot clients to pay beckons, but the latter sounded more impressive).

spydrz said...

Fraley-that's my plate # :)

Anonymous said...

Spydrz- After I posted that, I figured you might be using that one. It was a shot.

How about MRDEEZ...Deez nuts! You could create your own bumper sticker and place it to the right of your plate.

RCHMND maybe. Show a little city pride.

The 6-digit limitation blows. I think we get 7, and maybe 8. You can really get your feelings out there in 8 digits.

I do like CW's SWGM. That it fitting.

jasdye said...

i thought only my students were obssessed with Deez Nuts. truly, pop culture knows no bounds.

in honor of the best show on network tv: DSHRUT.

confuse your fellow driver: DUM A55

SWGM? i didn't know you're White!

jasdye said...

what, no TRANNY?

how bout XXY?

or just DUMRER.

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot ILVEMO

spydrz said...

Too bad "IDOSO2I" is too long.

Anonymous said...

So who won? I thought CW had it wrapped with NGA PLZ.

Micah said...

CW - Thanks for outing me, bro.

Fraley - I'll reserve FRALEY for when I buy a Beetle and we can drive to Key West. Pride '07!

jasdye - "Deez nuts" is something that is passed on to each generation. I remember teaching it to my nephew when he was just a tot.

dubin - I think I should tell him that personally first before I proclaim it to the world.

KPMD - I didn't see your post until just now. Shame. GRILLA would've been in the running.

THSE - As much as I laughed over NGA PLZ, this goofy white boy would probably get a beatdown for having that on his plate. Your blessing only goes so far.