Monday, December 11, 2006

Beverage of the day

Finlandia Wild Berries Fusion vodka with a splash of diet tonic water.

Possibly outdated 1950's notion of an after-work drink? I'm bringing it back.


spydrz said...

PIMM'S and ginger ale for everyone!

jasdye said...

after-work drinks are out?

i'm bringing drinky back!

SBN1 said...

micah - try that Finlandia on the rocks with a splash of cran. you won't be disappointed.

Spydrz - MMB.

Jas - hilarious.

Hasselback said...

Oh. Dear. God.

How could you countenance someone doing that to VODKA!?!?!?

Wasn't it sublime enough a a spirit without the candy coating?

Goddamn Phillistines.

spydrz said...

SB1-I've retired.

Micah said...

spydrz - Anything but Bombay Saphire.

jasdye - Well, when I think of an at-home after-work drink, I think of a doting wife handing her husband the paper, slippers, pipe and his favorite drink at the door. So, yeah, I'm bringing it back.

THSE - Will do. My bottles about 2/3 gone. If this rate of consumption keeps up, I'll be back at the ABC store within the week. I think next I'll get that blueberry Stoli. Ever had that?

George - Oddly enough, infusing vodka with other flavors is a practice that dates back to the Phillistines.

I'm just busting your expatriate balls.

jasdye said...

well, my wife isn't that domestic.

the dog brings me my slippers.

Micah said...

She won't let you grow a beard, she won't become a Stepford Wife. What will she do for you?

jasdye said...

actually, i'm growing one now. but it's a bit rugged. i don't have a beard comb. or a brush. at all.

y'know, though. as long as she doesn't drive with the baby on her lap, or hang out with paris on a girls' night out, we'll be just fine, i thinks.

SBN1 said... won't be long before we're all bearded.

Micah - yeah, I've had the Stoli blueberry. It also goes well with a splash of cran.

Micah said...

jasdye - Plus, that'd make you K-Fed. And you don't want to be America's Most Hated.

Good news about the beard.

THSE - I didn't quite cash my current bottle of vodka, but it won't be long. And then it off to the ABC store for some blueberry goodness. This weekend Scotch and Sam Adam's Winter Lager will have to do.

Hasselback said...

Grew a beard over the weekend. Kind of looked like Tom Hanks about halfway through "Cast Away."

Primarily because I was standing on a beach, but what the hell?

How's the weather back in the real world???

spydrz said...

75 and sunny here in central VA.

Micah said...

...and one day later it is in the 50s. Gotta love VA.