Thursday, December 21, 2006

Quick movie reviews


I've been pretty derelict in putting up movie reviews lately, so here we go.

The Departed: So I wasn't totally convinced that a 14 year old girl could portray a cop that infiltrates the mob, but other than that it was a great movie. Jack seemed to have a lot of fun with his role. I used to think Matt Damon was kind of a Streisand, but he kicked ass. Hey, Scorsese, the Stones made more songs than just "Gimme Shelter."

The Prestige: I was expecting Batman and Alfred vs. Wolverine, but got an extremely grim rival magician movie...with David Bowie. There's sort of a sci-fi twist at the end, which was a bit unexpected. Dark, but good.

Flushed Away: Very enjoyable. The CGI convincingly looked like claymation. Slugs rock. I think Bill Nighy is my new favorite Old British Actor.

Borat: Quite overhyped, but hilarious nonetheless. I think most of those that are lavishing praise on the film never caught him on HBO, so the character was fresh to them. Nice.

For Your Consideration: A complete let down. I lurve all of Christopher Guest's movies, but this one just did not deliver. Fred Willard was funny, as usual, but most every scene he wasn't in was kind of off.

Rocky Balboa: AWESOME! I didn't realize I was that much of a Rocky fan until I watched all five previous movies last week. Yeah, he's old now, but that makes this film a perfect bookend to the beginning of the series where Stallone's boxer was such a sad sack. The only way you could not enjoy this movie is if you're a Communist.

DVD Picks:
Love Actually: A bit long and some of the couples' storylines could've been excised completely, but perfect for Christmas.

Art School Confidential: It started out really funny, but once it started to develop a murder mystery plot, it just fizzled.

Inside Man: Clive Owen should've been Bond*.

*Well, I haven't actually seen Casino Royale yet, but I still maintain that Daniel Craig looks like a Bond villan.


SBN1 said...
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Anonymous said...

I should add that, much as I hate the guy, Alec Baldwin was great in The Departed. Smartass performance of the decade. And frankly, I was pleasantly surprised that Rocky Balboa was even GOOD. Much like the VMI basketball team. Snoochie boochies Micah-noochies.

spydrz said...


I don't get that slogan. Although a VMI party was the last time I had any moonshine...maybe they were taking shots of it when they decided on that slogan.

Anonymous said...

More likely they were playing naked Buck-Buck or some other homoerotic game in their dorms.